Prasant Selhorst - Jewelry Gallery

Behind Prasantakumar Fine Art Jewellery stands Prasant Selhorst.
Prasant has a passion to make exceptional jewellery, for the collection but also on commission. With every new jewel trying to put the limits further and surprise his customers with something that is more than that they expected, even when they came with a rare request.

Silver with gold leaf inlay

Chalice Pendant

Silver, gilded on the inside, tourmaline

Flower Hairpin

Silver, gold and special cut citrine

Ear Drops

Silver, tourmaline/ruby


Mazework Broche

Gold, silver, lemon quartz, emerald, fire opal, ruby, garnet. Can by worn as pendant and brooch

Mokume Pendant

Mokume Gane of silver and copper, gombeira wood

Mazework Pendant

Gold and silver

Wire ring


Masterpiece made at the school for goldsmiths. Gold, silver, chrome diopsite, lemon quartz. With this piece I have been rewarded with a A and won the first price in the Schone competition (a competition under all masterpieces)