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Praise where Praise is overdue

I know we all have deep appreciation for the work done on Orchid by
Hanuman and Ton.

Quietly, sometimes not, in the background is a staunch supporter of
Orchid who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

I am speaking of Charles Lewton Brain. Over the years I have had the
pleasure of meeting him and engaging in wonderful conversations.

I know him to be deep and quixotic at the same time. He is a deep
thinker without limits. Charles knowledge of jewelry, design,
fabrication is in the Stratosphere. He has stretched beyond known
limits in every phase, and is able to support his results.

To know him, is to love him. What his contributions to Orchid are
can be determined by reading the archives for starters.

I was there when Charles first spoke of supporting Orchid. That was
before Hanuman made his first trip to Tucson. He has never stopped
in his quest to make it possible for Hanuman and Ton to give 100% of
their time with Orchid.

Look at the Win Win situation between Orchid and its supporters, all
we need to do as list members is to support Orchid and its Sponsors.
That is not hard, click to buy the books mentioned within posts, you
will always see a link to the book often at discounted prices.

There are other ways, the Orchid Pins for one. I wish I could buy
one of each.

Recognize Charles Lewton Brain as the incredible never ending
whirlwind he is.


You are so right Terrie – thank you for reminding all of us of
Charles’ contributions.

Charles gives extensively of himself – as an educator, as a
representative of Canadian craft, and as a writer. When you speak
with him you realize that if he could personally mentor every one of
us into success he would. And in his own way, he does. Thank you
Charles. You’re quite wonderful.

Andrea Hill

While it is well with in my nature to be sarcastic, I cannot on this

Of all the positive things I have recieved from Orchid, my
friendship with Charles is without parallel. Charles, Ton, Hanuman
and Karen Christians, have through tough times in my life and with
all reason to completely disassociate themselves from me, have
remained friends and supporters. I owe allot to this group and won’t
forget it.

Charles, as a person and educator and artist is an inspiration to me
and I am proud to know him. His books are the cornerstone of any
metalsmithing library. His art is what I aspire to. His friendship
is very dear to me.

Thank you Charles,
Sam Patania, Tucson

Dear Andrea, Sam, Terrie, all,

Thank you for the kind words, really heartwarming and appreciated.
It is a special community we are in, and the number of caring giving
people is high. We are lucky with that, and the sense of team and
belonging, through the mutual sharing we are experiencing is a
positive part of my, and many people’s lives. I would like to honor
us all, and ask people to look at the positive things they do and
enjoy the fact that you do them.

Thanks for the nice comments, it makes my month…



You deserve all the praise and appreciation, and more. Our entire
community owes you a debt of gratitude for your generosity in
sharing your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm.

Thank you for being here at this crucial juncture in history where
the decline in traditional hand skills intersects the advance of
technology. Your participation has utilized both to revitalize and
vitalize each other.


Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Inc.
760 Market Street
Suite 900
San Francisco, California 94102
tel: 415-391-4179
fax: 415-391-7570

Hello Charles and Hanuman

Alan and others have said it well. Personally, I am in awe of your
knowledge and the example you both set. Orchid would not be here
without your inspiration and dedication to this forum.

Bless you both,
Judy in Kansas

I want to add to this thread that if anyone has a chance to take a
workshop being taught by Charles, it is an opportunity not to be
missed. He is the most energetic teacher I have ever experienced. He
knows a LOT and wants to give it all to you! I was privileged to be
in one of his foldforming workshops at Arrowmont years ago. Not only
did he teach, night and day, but he left the workshop and many tools
in better shape than when the class started. A real class act.

Marilyn Smith

I want to add to this thread that if anyone has a chance to take a
workshop being taught by Charles, it is an opportunity not to be

Agreed! I attended a two-day workshop taught by Charles a couple of
years ago, and it was the most fun I’ve had without breaking the law

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry

Okay - I, too, must jump on the band wagon regarding Charles. I’ve
always considered Charles one of the most unique people I’ve ever
met. He has the amazing ability to share succinctly the plethura of
in his head.

Charles is like a walking encyclopedia. I marvel at his
intelligence, his skills and talent as an artist, and most of all his
complete generosity at sharing all of this. He does this in a way
that is humble, sincere and not at all self-serving. It is his
nature to share in this open and unselfish way. I marvel at at the
energy and passion he has to work on so many levels and to continue
to do outstanding art.

If you haven’t allowed yourself the privelege of taking a workshop
with Charles, I highly recommend it. Not only can we learn from the
incredible amount of knowledge that he passes on first hand, but
also we can learn from his unabashed generosity.

Thanks, Charles, for just being you.

Cynthia Downs