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Praise for TIJT

I graduated from Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology two years

I opened my own jewelry repair shop shortly afterwards. I did that,
with great fear and trepidation, thinking that I didn’t know near
what most jewelers knew.

I felt the call to do this with my life and had the passion that
made me do it inspite of my fear.

These past two years I have I have had hundreds of pieces of jewelry
comein for repair, I can honestly say that I have only had 3-5
pieces, that I was not fully sure how to repair. I was able to make
contact with my former instructors and they talked me through the
repair processes.

I see the questions on Ganoksin posted by the members and I am still
amazed that I know the majority of the answers to the questions. It
is because of the education I recieved at TIJT. The program is a
precept upon precept, well thought out course of study. For less
than $10,000, I recieved an education that has paid for itself in
this short span of time.

Thank you to each of my instructors. They care enough to pour their
knowledge into those of us who want to learn. Thank you for setting
us up for success! Thank You Ms. Ulla Raus for your wisdom and
determination to make the jewelry program there the best that it can

Angela Hampton
Hampton House Jewelry


What a sincere tribute. I really enjoyed reading it. I know there
are more stories similar to yours out there. We tend to get caught
up by the never ending design vs practical discussions. It is
refreshing to read your commentary.

Thank you for sharing.


Hello Angela, Some of this success might just be your own abilities.
They can teach but you have to do the learning. It sounds like you
have the righ t to do a little bragging yourself.

Have fun.
Tom Arnold