Praise for Robert Lowe

Hello, Everybody,

This is a letter to recommend and commend Robert Lowe of Lowe
Associates for excellent service and beautiful gems. He cut
specifically for me thirty beautiful oro verde quartz beads. His
prices were reasonable, and the beads are gorgeous.

Unfortunately, I was unable to spend a lot of time looking at all
the gems he had. In a family as large as mine, there’s always an
emergency or a party. He waited an extra day in San Antonio just for
me because I had to make an unexpected trip to Dallas because of a
family emergency. The next day, I when I could meet him, I couldn’t
linger and look at the gems because we had reservations to celebrate
our anniversary.

So please add Robert Lowe to y’all’s list of sources - he’s a great
guy to work with. Just please leave a few gems for me! :wink:

Susannah Page-Garcia
Moonshine Metal Creations


You are correct Robert is a fine gentleman and a reliable source.
Had the opportunity to meet him through a Orchid friends. I would
recommend him.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply


Does Robert Lowe have a website? I Googled for 30’ yesterday and
found references to him all over the place, but no pictures of his
work anywhere. HELP! I hunger for beautiful stones!

Kay Taylor


Robert Lowe lives in Brazil… He is in the USA each year for the
Tucson Show, and has a booth at the GJX Show.

The last two years, Bob has gone to Texas before returning to
Brazil. He has had private showings there. I attended one in Dallas a
couple of years ago.

Bob also participates in the OPLC Faceters Hob Nob in Tucson.

I’ll add to the chorus with my personal interactions with Robert
Lowe. I have known him for quite a few years now and find he and his
gems to be of equal quality, superb. You may trust both.


Hi All,

I have known Robert for a number of years, and he carries the best
of gems. You can trust him to stand behind any purchases you make.

He is still currently in the states, and his email is

I have a sampling of some of his gems on my web site,
Amatrine Look for the GEMS page.

He also has some emeralds at

Love and God Bless

Actually Robert is in the US right now, as I met with him in SC this
afternoon, and my pocketbook is considerably lighter now! He does
have gorgeous stones in a wide range of prices. He has faceted and
cabs, plus briolettes, rounds, etc. He can custom cut for you if he
doesn’t have what you want.

Beth in SC who now has her head full of ideas!