Praise for Rio Grande and Contenti

Hey fellow Orchidians,

I’m Bekka, I’m a long time avid reader and a recent graduate of
SMFA’s metals program, the owner of R Cubed Jewelry, and the author
of “Gender and Jewelry: A Feminist Analysis” - which is NOT why I’m
writing today. I’m just writing because I’m heading to Tanzania in a
few days to work with an organization called TAMIHA - or the
Tanzanian Millenium Hands Foundation - that runs a vocational school
for impoverished 14-18 year olds, in addition to a microfinance
program for HIV widows and an orphanage. They’re good people, and
I’m really excited to be working with them - specifically, to be
setting up a fledgling jewelry program at their vocational school. I
wrote to Rio Grande and Contenti, (io Grande is also an Orchid
supporter), both suppliers I’ve worked with for a long time, and am
thrilled to report that they responded with incredibly generous
donations of materials and tools. I’m not writing to ask for more -
in fact, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to get everything I have over
there right now! - but I just wanted to publicly acknowledge the
generosity of these companies. I have no other connection with them,
and they didn’t ask me to write, I just wanted to pass along the
message, because I know that I’m more inclined to work with companies
whose practices I respect. The least I can do is pass on a thank you
in this forum.

Bekka Ross Russell

Hello Bekka,

I wish you a very good time in Tanzania in the first place. I blieve
that you are doing something good for this kaind of people and jour
effort will be very appreciated by the locals.

I’ve being dealing with Rio grande for a longer period off time
while I was working for MWR In Heidelberg for more then 14 years. All
the tools, books, supply’s off all kind came from Rio Grande. We
never had one complaint from this company. I can not recall one
complain from anything ordered trough there system. We called them,
faxed all the orders to them and Rio toke care of every little

Jewelry making became my hobby and I’m still make jewelry. I whould
like to order more from them because it is a really good company
which I can not write from other ones I’ve dealed with. However,
customstaxes are pretty high if I order from America. This is the
only reason why I’m ordering less as I did in name of MWR

In this way, thanks to Rio for having this wonderfull time and
having the chance to learn how they perform their bussines. Being a
customer with small demands they still take care of any order I
placed and still place… Very nice people to deal with, honnest and
helpful at any time.

I can only speak for myself but this is my experience with Rio.

Have fun and enjoy your time Bekka. Keep on doing bussines as you do
Rio !