Praise for refiner

I’ve used several refiners, all resulted in a positive experience.
My BEST experience though was with Hi-Tech Precious Metals &
Refinery, Dallas TX.

My shipping costs were reduced because of the UPS service they offer.
They initiated communication with me at each step of the way - I knew
when they had received the package, what the results were, and how
they would transmit the payoff. This is a very customer-friendly
service. I didn’t have to initiate any followup.

Necessary forms are available online. Just download and fill in. A
shipping label is emailed to you. After they receive and test your
metals, a detailed report is provided upon payoff.

I’ll be using this to better organize my scrap next time
I send it in. Personally, I think their rates are very good,
especially for a small operation like mine.

I am a satisfied customer. I have no other afffiliation with Hi Tech
PMR. I’m pleased with their service, so I recommend it.

best regards,
Kelley Dragon