Praise for MJSA Trade Show for Jewelry Makers

Hi All,

On behalf of Cleverwerx, I wish to say a hearty thanks to all the
staff members at MJSA for a wonderful trade show in Providence, RI.
This was the first time that Cleverwerx as a tool company, rolled out
products, met people and gave a talk on soldering. MJSA was
attentive, helpful in every step and their commitment to be more
inclusive to a broader audience of hobbyists and novice makers paid
off. Many of the vendors I spoke to agreed, that something new and
wonderful is on the horizon. The customers were excited and buzzed
about in a shopping spree.

When Cleverwerx needed an extra table, one magically appeared. While
I was working on a brooch for a presentation, it was friends like
Cindy Lichfeld from CloudDome who set up my booth, and Dan Grandi
from RaceCar Jewelry who hauled heavy boxes when my little Saturn
couldn’t hold any more. The staff at MJSA was attentive, professional
and we all just had an amazing time and we all made sales. While we
broke down our booths, a student of Metalwerx, Dan Repoza stayed and
helped me pack up.

While the Dow was slipping downward, the energy and buzz was that of
excitement and happiness. Customers wanted to learn about classes,
and education, and where can they find on all kinds of
equipment. My booth was packed every day for two days and it just
felt so good to connect with excited peoploe.

Thank you MJSA for your support, of not just Cleverwerx, but on
behalf of everyone around us. It was more than a good show, it was
excellent. Your new direction is paying off. I head over and over,
“wow, this is such a great show, and there are so many cool things to
look at!” The room was charged with energy of everyone of every level
all wanting to “make” things. It recharged my passion for being in
this business and reminded me that I love to teach, I like good
products and am proud to stand behind well made tools.

Karen Christians