Praise for Giacomo BenchTube Videos

I just want to thank Giacomo for posting his videos. I’ve learned
something from watching each one - it’s like having a mini-workshop
at my desk. If you haven’t seen any of them yet, take a peek - he is
an amazing craftsman, and apparently can do just about anything!
Granted, he pulls some potentially dangerous maneuvers, but he does
warn against following his lead, lol.


Add my thanks to Giacomo for posting his videos. It is amazing to
watcha true master. I have learned so much. What is particularly
interesting is the ease with which he does everything. He starts with
making his own billet of metal, puts it through the rolling mill,
forms it into tubes, or whatever he needs Everything fits together
just beautifully. And just when you think he has finished, he adds
diamonds, displaying his mark as a master setter as well. Thank you,
thank you Giacomo for your generosity in letting us watch you at

Alma Rands


For a newbie like me, they are extremely valuable.

Thank you, Giacomo and Orchid!