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Praise for Crescent Gems

just recently purchased my first gems from Crescent Gems via their
website and wanted to tell everyone that Mr Ahmed Shareek was truely
wonderful, and the gems are very good, too. Mr Shareek went to the
trouble of phoning me to sort out my paypal/ card problems, the gems
arrived very quickly,were packed very well and were even better than
I had expected. I will deal with them again,

Christine in Sth Australia.

Tell us what you bought, cut, etc :slight_smile:


Tell us what you bought, cut, etc :) 

Hi Craig,

I bought 2 citrines, one is 10.66ct checker board cut marquise, a
nice golden colour, one is a more pale yellow, trillian 4.99ct (this
is my favorite) and a grey star sapphire, oval, 2.2 ct. All are very
nice stones, and I think I will have no trouble selling them
quickly, although I’m really tempted to keep the trillian - it’s good
advertising when I wear my new creations, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Christine in Sth Australia