Prague suppliers

I am ready to get started making jewellery here in Prague, Czech
Republic and need to find out the best places to buy tools,
equipment, precious metals, stones, etc. I had to leave all my tools
behind in Scotland and won’t make it back for a while so need to buy
everything from scratch. I have just come across PMC/Art Clay via
the internet and wonder what basic tools I’d need to try it out. Can
PMC created work be hallmarked? Also what is the best all round
soldering torch and gas system for small work? I have found some
places where I can buy most of the things I need but some items seem
to be very expensive. I am learning the Czech language and use Google
translate but finding it a chore searching for all that I need and
hope someone out there may be able to give me some pointers in the
right direction.


Mairi, some years ago I bought some interesting jewelry at an
artisans’ market on the (main?) bridge over the Charles River. If the
market still exists and includes jewelers, try asking some of them
where they get their supplies.

Judy Bjorkman

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