PR 101 for Designers Class

Here I am with another excellent class to recommend. It must be
because Orchid has the best and the brightest. I’m referring to
DeDe Sullivan’s PR101 for Independent Designers given on 11/8 in New
York City. As a one-of-a-kind jewelry artist I’ve always wondered
how one goes about becoming a production designer. If anyone else
in Orchidland is curious too, DeDe’s class spells it out.

DeDe went over in depth: how to determine your market, create a
snappy bio sketch, make ‘cold calls’ and much, much more. Her long
career in advertising plus her own experiences marketing and selling
her lines allowed her to give us some great “insider” tips. I left
with a 20+ page packet of valuable and a clear sense of
how to enter this market. DeDe will be giving another class
very soon. I highly recommend it.

(Usual disclaimers…)
Gary Strickland, GJG