PR 101 class

Hello: I am new to the forum and I am very happy that I joined this
group! I found out about Orchid at Dede Sullivan’s PR 101 class
(which was amazing!).

Dede sheds new light on the PR process. She has worked for magazines
like Elle and Harpers in the past as well as in advertising. She
really shows you what the magazines and stores are looking for.
After her class I had a ton of questions and she was there for me by
phone and email for advice and hand holding. She even turned me on
to new paper and packaging resources so I could spruce up my press
kit. The best part after class she will read people’s bios and
other materials and get back to you with feedback. Its nice to know
there is someone like her around who can give it to you straight and
share with you what worked in regard to promoting her own jewelry

Anyway, I look forward to future emails from the group!

Happy 2003!
Tara English