Powers of Stone

All, I am an eternal skeptic of anything I cannot partially prove by
sight, feel, smell, or scientific investigation. Therefore it is
tough for me to accept the mystical powers of stones. But, after
over 25 years of stone cutting I have noticed something over and
over. Many times I will dop up a stone to cut it and be at the first
phase of cutting and only to have a strange feeling that something is
not right. Looking at the rough I will often see a better way to
orientate it. When it is orientated right I do not get the feeling.
Too much time at the cutting wheels? Stones talking to you? I do
not know. But, the result is always a better stone.

Gerry Galarneau, Galarneau’s Gems,

Note- Stones are each individual entities. Large, small, valuable,
not valuable. Something of ourselves goes into the cutting of each
stone. Do your best.

Mysterious, perhaps, but not mystical. After 25 years of designing
and coding computer programs, I experience exactly the same thing.
Part way through implementation of a design, I’ll suddenly "know"
there’s a better approach, although I don’t yet know what that
approach is. It’s just that something doesn’t “feel” right.

Chess masters call it “board sense.” I’ve seen a grandmaster watching
a game say “Don’t do that, it’s a bad move”, but be unable to say
why it’s a bad move until he sits down and works through the

IMO, this is what’s called “instinct”, and (again, imo) is a
combination of experience, intelligence, and a deep understanding. No
mysticism, just the mysterious workings of our brains.


Gerry: well, I’m a believer but I stay pretty centered and don’t go
too far out. One of my friends cuts lab grown crystals for people who
use it for energy reasons. If he cuts the stuff too long it gives him
a headache as the stuff is very piezo electric for one thing and it
blows out his bio circuits. My interest in the effects of stones began
when I read Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet who mentions the stones
in his readings. Now for one thing Edgar’s medical readings were made
on people who were hundreds of miles away yet accurately described
symptoms and prescribed cures that involved what we now call natural
healing medecine. His cure rate was above 90% if people followed his
advice. He mentions stones in a fair number of readings for different
effects. Like lapis to help give the body strength and vigor. Being
that his medical advice was so right on it makes sense that there must
be something then to effects gemstones can have on the human energy
system described in his readings. On the other side of the coin and
being a New Age type of guy myself, there are alot of books out that
are pure bull stuff and written for profit, by authors like Melody
with little basis in anything. Gemstone effects have been known
through human history and some of the better comes through
ancient Indian texts. Skepticism is a good thing and I practise it too
but be assured that some gemstones and minerals DO have a subtle
effect on human beings. Dave

This topic always comes up on Orchid every year and sometimes causes
heated debates. What you’re describing I would call intuition not
instinct. You know something is right without knowing why and if you
don’t follow the you get in trouble sometimes. My mom and
dad had an experience when they were much younger thats a good example
of intuition in action in a big way…they were driving on the coast
of California in the 1940’s and both were sleepy and tired and it was
extremely foggy out, visibility dangerously low. All of a sudden my
mom yelled STOP! My dad slammed on the brakes and then got mad at her
wondering what the hell she was doing. She said she didn’t know why
she’d done that and then suddenly a toddler walked out of the fog
directly in front of their car! Had they not stopped the kid would
have been killed. His mother came running and grabbed him saying he
had wandered away and glad my parents had stopped. To me this is an
ordinary story of untapped levels of human potential if we’d just open
our minds a little…Dave

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I missed the beginning of this thread of conversation but I must tell
you about the “power stone” bracelets that I saw at a trade show in
Chicago this weekend. They are stone or wood beeds strung on elastic
cords with meaning assigned to the various materials. There were
hundreds of them. Looks like the pet rock of the new age jewelry
industry. I’m sure they will sell like mad. - Deb

    My mom and dad had an experience when they were much younger
thats a >good example of intuition in action in a big way.. Had they
not stopped... story of untapped levels of human potential if we'd
just open our minds a little..... 


I loved your story about your parents and the little boy. I had a
very similar experience with my father years ago. We were caught in a
blizzard in the wilds of PA while returning to upstate NY from a
college interview in Pittsburgh.A ten-truck collision between mountain
passes compelled us to leave the throughway and take our chances along
rural roads. Snow from the heavens and snow horizontally blowing off
the fields - less than 1 foot visibility. Suddenly my father hit the
brake,exclaiming “I have to stop-right now!” He got out of the car and
disappeared almost instantly into the swirl of white. After a minute
or two, he reappeared, got back into the car and said “There is a car
stopped about 2 feet in front of us - and his lights are on!” Neither
of us could see it, even though we both now knew it to be there. What
told him to stop at that moment, and in enough time, under slippery
conditions, to stop safely?

PS: That drive took us 7 hours coming, almost 5 days returning! I
took it as a sign to choose Boston U. over Carnegie, figuring if I had
to be stranded somewhere, I’d rather be in Boston!


What conceit, to think that the universe consists of only energy and
matter that our sensory organs can perceive! I can’t see or feel
radio waves, or hear ultrasonic sound, but I can observe its effects.
If you were to attempt to describe them to anyone living only 150
years ago, they would have thought that you were nuts.

Several orchidians have described events of powerful intuition, and
whether they received an unseen signal from the future, or whether
the signal came from the event itself is a mystery to (most of) us.
Perhaps the same “signal” that caused one to avoid an accident can
also direct us to create jewelry or other objects.

Some people will look at the world around them and see only minerals,
water, skin, bones, etc., if we look a little deeper, we know that
we are really looking at swirling electrons, held in their orbits by
an unknown “attraction.” Perhaps the objects that we feel have
"magical powers" are merely relating to us on a subatomic level.

i don’t pretend to know how these things work, but i have observed
firsthand these effects. i have watched objects assist in healing,
and i have witnessed them completely unbalance someone. after having
two “near-death” experiences myself, i have my own theories as to how
these things work, and have been successful in utilizing this energy
in my own work. for one, i am very careful to work on my jewelry
only when I am in a good mood…

The first “jewelers” were undoubtedly tribal shaman, and the jewelry
that they created was used for healing or empowerment. As our
rational minds took control, we relegated jewelry to the
classification of mere ornamentation. Perhaps we are finally
learning how to integrate the two.


Well,not to beat this subject to death, but I go for the enfluence of
stones being an atomic level phenomenom, and probably even deeper than
that owing to the fact that when scientists look for smaller and
smaller particles they keep finding them, and are starting to realize
that their own minds are creating what they are looking for. The Cayce
material also mentions metals and one interesting recommendation is
carrying a piece of high carbon steel in one’s pocket to ward off
colds due to some kind of ionic radiation or something. There is also
an interesting phenomenom known commonly in rock shops that some
stones on some people will create “heat” in a person’s hands, so much
so for some people that they physically cannot hold that certain

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