PowerLaser Laser Welding Systems

I am close to purchasing a laser welder for the shop and wondered if
anyone on the list has one, and if so what they think of it. I am
looking at the 9.0kw unit. I have spoken to a couple of people who
have them and they say the units have cut their costs and increased
productivity fairly dramatically. The general response is that it
changed their life. They say that there is always a line for the
unit. Tiffany’s has 9 units that run 12 hours a day, with 90
goldsmiths using them, (I am told). Anyway I would appreciate more
input before I take the plunge.

Thanks, Mark P.

Hi Mark, Can you tell me the place to buy these laser welding system.
Do they have a web site? What is the range of prices?I did not see
that in Gesswein or Rio catalogs. Vincent Guy Audette

If you have the volume they can do wonderful things, but only if you
can afford it. They are very expensive. He was looking at the Gessuine



I have a wholesale findings business and a Tradeshop, I purchased my
laser since March, I purchased mine from B&D Sales, who I HIGHLY
recommend! I have some of my wholesale customers who after seeing
what the Laser has been able to repair have purchased the same models.
I use mine everyday and have almost eliminated my torch but for very
few exceptions, removing heads, casting, etc… Give Pat Doran or
Henry Barney a call at B&D Sales there number is (401)-781-4810. You
will be glad that you bought one from B&D over any of the competitors,
not only for price but for the training & service. When you spend 35K
you expect to get a little better treatment. The other reason is that
they are not just Laser salesman the have been in the Jewelry business
for 20+ years, so they know what you your looking for, not just a
sale.( I believe they will be set up in Tuscon in Feb.)

Charles Eichhorn, Pres.
D.L. Romey Company
a Division of Eichhorn Enterprises, Inc.

Mark, I have a laser. contact me at 770-382-8268 and we’ll talk. Bob
Staley-B.Staley, Goldsmiths. I’ve had mine 1 year. Love it!

Hi Vincent,

B & D Sales is the distributor in the US, http://www.bdsales.com/"
We lcome To B & D Sales Corp.'s Home Page, they are made in
Germany. They run from $28,000.00 to $35,000.00, the more expensive
unit has more power. These will perform most procedures that you can
do with a torch but have a much smaller heat zone, so you don’t
remove stones or disturb other soldered areas. Although very
expensive, the can be a tangible time saver in a busy shop. Imagine
not disassembling that ring with the broken gallery, but welding it
with all the heat sensitive stones still in place. Platinum is a
perfect material for this, whether welding a sizing seam or a pit,
its very quick and easy. I think you have to do a certain volume to
justify it. In my case we will need to hire a couple more goldsmiths
next spring, this may speed up production enough that we only have
to hire one. If you look at it that way its much cheaper than a new