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Power Supplies for Jewelry Scale Electroforming

For simple electro chemical work the voltages required are very low–
on the order of 3 volts DC generally a little less. The currents
required will usually be well handled at less than 3 amps.

You can work with battery chargers, car batteries, and even wall
warts ( simple plug in adapters for consumer electronics) but these
have good controls and good meters-- cheap and a lot less fuss.

Electroforming works best with very low currents-- less than 1 amp
for jewelry scale.

Currents required are based on the size of the object-- jewelry
scale is definitely at the low end.

They can be used for electrocleaning too.

After building my own small power supplies for electro chemical work
I found these:

They cost less than what I built, work as well and include better
meters. I have added to my mess with some of these too, and use them
instead of mine. The first three are for work other than reactive
metal anodizing:

there are more expensive ones.

These are built for educational and electronic hobbyist use-- they
don’t have a jewelry tool markup

For reactive metal anodizing: ( higher output voltage)

free gift with $50 purchase! This really makes them even a better

I have no connection with these people other than as an occasional

There is process in the orchid archives and on the web. -
don’t fear looking.