Power saw

Hi All Try looking for a foot operated woodworkers fret saw most are
about 50 years old( cost very little but are like rocking horse muck
) and will last a life time also the take jewellers saw blades and
use the full length . For those with old sewing m/c you will have to
use it upside down ( not if you live in OZ ) since the power is on
the up stroke and you require it on the down stroke .At the other end
of the blade you will require a sprung pivot arm .Old sewing m/c make
better nibblers than saws. A better idea is to use an electric jigsaw
up side down ( power stroke in right direction towards its own table
which can be set at a incline if required ) clamped to a base board
,the other end of the blade fixed to a sprung pivot arm whichis fixed
to the same board.

David Sheard