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Power punch kit by bead landing


Has anyone used this power punch and can attest if it is worth

With a 50% off coupon is a good time to buy if it is worth it. thx,


Hi Brenda,

It’s a knockoff of the Roper Whitney #5 Jr punch.

Available here:

Of course the real thing is $137 at a full-on industrial supplier.
Couldn’t tell from Michaels’ website how much the knockoff was, but
I suspect it must be much cheaper. In all senses of that word.

You can probably find the real one for less, especially used. I
found mine for about $40 at a flea market years ago. The real one
works very well indeed. No idea about this version.



It looks like an import knock off of a Whitney hand punch. The
Whitney’s are good tools the imports are a crap shoot, might be
alright might not.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Hello Brenda,

I bought this device when first introduced (Stuller, I think). It
has worked well - does indeed cut clean-edged discs from sheet
easily. My needs were for a quicker way to make discs and not so much
to punch holes.

Here are the cons:

a. the discs have a little dimple/bump in the center

b. unless your hands are large, you’ll probably need two hands to
squeeze the handles

c. I wish there was a fitting for larger holes/discs, like half inch

d. if not near the edge of the sheet, the throat limits where a hole
can be punched

At $39.99, I think it’s a good buy - no idea what Michael’s sells it

Judy in Kansas, where temps are predicted to hover in the low 90s
for a couple days, then drop back to a more fall-like range. Colorado
Orchidians, I hope your floods are over!