Power hone stands

I’m looking to purchase a tool stand for my GRS power hone. I see a lot of inexpensive ones on eBay. I have not purchased one because I am afraid they are low quality. Does anyone have any experience with these and what do you think of them?

Can you do me a favor and post some of the stands that you’re considering? I’m not sure what your thinking about.

I’ve got an old GRS powerhone and an old GRS dual angle tool fixture. It was expensive when I bought it 20+ years ago. Now it’s super expensive. I understand why you want to see if there’s a less expensive solution.



Why don’t you build one out of wood. You can get to the exact height that you need. I have built them for my anvil, engravers vise and lapidary saws. You can see them on the Shop Shots page of my website…Rob

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Did this picture come through?

Ah, yes it did. This is what I’m seeing on eBay. It looks good, but I don’t want to waste the money on something that will break or not be accurate. I have experience with one made by GRS. It is very accurate with the angles. A real precision piece. That’s what I’m looking for.

I’m completely impressed with your shop! Extensive and so clean!
The thing is, I’m pretty sure I cannot build something this accurate.

oh, now i see what you are looking for…i thought you meant a freestanding floor stand for the power hone unit :joy:

as long as the fittings are all nice and tight…stable…lockable…and the grs quick change collets fit…and the angle fixture has a nagnetic base to stablize it…


I agree with Julie, this looks well made. But whenever you buy anything without actually seeing it, you need to verify what the return policy is before purchasing. Most jewelry tool companies have a no questions asked 30 day return policy. Hopefully you get the same thing through eBay.

What’s the price? Is it way less than GRS?



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They run between $105 and $115.

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I guess that I misunderstood what you meant by a stand. Have you looked at Steve Lindsay’s sharpening system. Easy to use and less expensive. Plus, it doesn’t need a stand…Rob