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Powdered Solder

Hi John, All you have to do is file your regular solder. At
school, they also taught us to mix the filings with a little flux
and then apply to the filigree. Christine

Hi Dave; I bought the powdered solder from Krohn Industries Inc., 303
Veterans Blvd., Carlstadt, N.J.,07072. 1-800-526-6299. I might
mention that I purchased the 200 mesh as it was recommended to me. I
bought the Gel Flux from Indian Jewelers Supply, 601 East Coal
Avenue, Gallup, New Mexico,87305-1774. 1-800-545-6540. Rio Grande
also carries the Gel Flux but it’s a little higher than IJS. I
mentioned that this was really good for filigree, it’s also good for
channel inlay, makes it a little easier and convenient. Hope this
helps, best wishes, John Barton

 I'm wondering what I could mix the powder with if I need a little
paste solder. 

Hi Noel! I realize you are looking for a paste flux, but perhaps
Orchidians would be interested to know that the standard flux used
with powdered solder in traditional ethnic filigree work is powdered
borax. It is mixed with the powdered solder (a LOT more borax than
solder) and sprinkled on by taking a ‘pinch’ with the thumb and
index finger. By rubbing the pads of the two fingers together to
release the powder in a controlled manner, it’s amazing how exactly
you can direct it! It’s hard to explain in words—if you come to
Jerusalem I’d be happy to give you a demonstration! You can even
stay in my guest room…! I’ve been teaching mokume, granulation,
niello, inlay, engraving, enamel, reticulation, etc etc as well as
filigree for almost 30 years, and filigree is the only technique I
teach without analysis and explanation—it’s pure

Janet in Jerusalem P.S. You can see some examples of my filigree
work on p.173 of the original edition of Oppi Untracht’s “Jewelry
Concepts and Technology” (I don’t know if pages changed in later