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Powder vs. Soda & Yak

I’m doing laundry, so here’s the scoop on what U.S. ingredients
are for: Baking SODA: 100% Sodium Bicarbonate (Arm & Hammer)
WASHING Soda: 100% Sodium Carbonate (Arm & Hammer) BAKING POWDER:
Baking soda &sodium aluminum sulfate, cornstarch, calcium
sulfate, calcium acid phosphate, calcium silicate (Calumet) Now
we know which box to keep by the bench for those hazmet spills.
Thanks to our resident chemists! Want a couple of other uses?
Keep drains unclogged by running water for minute or 2, the
pouring a little (maybe 1/4 cup) white vinegar down drain, then
baking soda; let stand for awhile, in few minutes or hour add
bit more baking soda then pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup white vinegar down
drain. Can even unclog stuck drains this way, depending on how
bad. No lye! To get rid of fleas indoors- sprinkle borax under
cushions, on carpeting & around baseboards & in corners - don’t
vacuum or sweep up. This dries out the eggs. use 2 tablespoons to
1/4 cup white vinegar in rinse instead of softner for removing
soap & keeping clothes fresh. all of these are good for the
environment. Kat (Puns intended)