Pour-A-Cast Casting Wax

Can anyone suggest a current casting wax that can be poured into
water and hold it’s shape for performing organic like wax castings?

Thank you ahead of time,

Ken Moore
Ken Worx

Hi Ken,

Lost Wax Jewelry Making by Minoru Azama suggests using sculpture wax
for best results although any kind will work. You just melt it and
pour into water, the variables will be numerous of course, which is
part of the fun, eh? Be careful about remelting previously poured wax
because it may have trapped water in an air pocket and explode hot
water when remelting.

Have fun! Marta


Matt Wax makes a green wax that is specifically designed for working
into water using their wax gun. I use it and it’s very nice.

Good luck,
Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs