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Pounds of gold plated chain

Help, What can I do with many pounds of gold plated chain?

So here is my predicament:

A large donation of supplies was given to a community art studio that
I teach at. In some of the boxes were 18k plated chain and necklaces.
My students do not have a great need for such things. I would like
to sell them, or have them refined so that I can buy metal, enamels,
or tools that we need. Any ideas? Please feel free to respond off


Help, What can I do with many pounds of gold plated chain?

while you COULD send them to any decent refiner and recover the
gold, chances are you’d find the return disappointing, since gold
plated chains are generally a VERY thin layer of gold.

I’d guess, if the chain is in any sort of decently usable form, that
your best bet might be selling the stuff on ebay, either as a single
large lot, or broken down into smaller perhaps sorted by type,

Peter Rowe

Try breaking the quantity into smaller sizes and selling them on

I would think that the refining cost would be greater than the value
of the metal - In the end, you would owe THEM money!