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Posting email addresses on the forum


In my experience, email addresses posted on the internet will eventually receive an onslaught of spam emails.

Maybe folks depend on their email filters, but a safe alternative would be to send the email address by private message.

Our private messaging system is accessible by clicking on your avatar, then click on the envelope.

If you are already on your personal page, then click on the word “Message” in the blue box at the top on the right side.


Does using weird spelling work? i n f o (change to at sign) pretend dot c o m ?


I wish I knew.


Hi @Betty2 - I’ve tried to get people to use the private messaging system, and I do agree entirely with you! @shiftingmetal no, it doesn’t work. If a human can parse it, so can a very basic scraping script. The information will get spidered, and then you will be inundated with spam. The entire system is designed so that members can communicate through private message if they want to have one-to-one conversations.


I gave it a try & I fully knew & understood what the sender wished…But I
had to sit & ponder her instructions.
Read it s-l-o-w-l-y…:>) LOL!

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.


Gerry, … Funeralizing + handmade vodka, and I’m on the s-l-o-w-l-y fer sure, but I’m still pondering… LOL wanna-bee


Good to know…thanks.



So I went to remove my email address from whatever posts I had made with it in it - only to discover that I can no longer edit that post.

Could someone remove my email address from any of the posts I might have put it in?



If it’s one or two specific posts, I can probably do it manually. Kindly send me a PM with links to the posts that concern you.