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Posters and Charts for Jewelry Tools and/or Supplies

So I am trying to find this one chart that was on a wall of a place I took a few classes and he didn’t remember where he got it from and would LOVE to have this on the wall behind my bench to help me remember what colors = grits for abrasive and polishing wheels as I learn.

I have lots that my dad had bought and then lots that were a part of a couple jeweler estates that I bought, but none of them had the packaging that came with them or anything that said what was what. I am assuming that they all just knew what they had bought and preferred to use for what - but as someone trying to learn and form my own thoughts on that I’d love a visual chart/poster that could help me work that knowledge into my work in an intuitive level to help me cut down the learning curve as much as I can.

I have a picture I took of my first rings where it shows the chart behind the bench and that’s all I really have to go on:

But yeah, truth be told, ANY charts or poster like that I would LOVE to learn more about. As I am trying to get my local lapidary club more and more interested into jewelry things, that sort of thing might be very nice for the club to have hanging up on the walls of the shop.

Any ideas? I was hoping that maybe these are for sale somewhere or downloadable or something like that so I can get my grubby little mitts on it.

Appreciate any help with it!

Looks like a 3M abrasives chart, maybe for dental use. I’d give their rep a call.
Also, Moors sanding discs have small sample charts with discs attached for size and grit reference. You can call them & they’ll send them out.
Most local metal suppliers (steel /alum. etc.) will have drill /tap reference charts for free, they’ll include metric sizes. They’re usually plastic coated.
also, GIA has an archive of posters, I believe some are for sale, Call Judy Colbert (head Librarian) at the Carlsbad Campus.
All numbers on Google.
Wonder what else is around???

It looks like Pacific Abrasives and possibly Dedeco would have charts available such as these.

My company American Jewelry Supply lists a number of these and their function both on line and in our catalog. Stuller and Rio are good sources for both as well.



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Hello there,

…perhaps as a fall back position, I am thinking that if you order tool catalogs from:

Rio Grande
Otto Frei

you can make color copies of the pages…until you find the charts…

the wheel colors may vary by maker…there are probably some similarities, but the catalogs should show the grit…although some only say course, medium, fine, etc…I think the grinding stones are the ones that sometimes give grit #…

the white/ grey/ blue/ pink ones on the bottom right “look” like the “AdvantEdge” silicone polishers in the Rio Grande catalog…the bottom left “look” like Dedeco colors…?

again, different makers do different colors…have a care with that…

or…you could look in the catalogs to figure out the major makers…then go to their website and print or scavenge info…

(I ended up making copies like from the Rio Grande catalog for the polishing compounds from Luxi and Dialux, etc…to keep them all straight…I had to pull some of the grit info off of Luxi website…)


This chart spans multiple brands, which was one reason I liked it - as what I have ranges between a wide variety of companies of tools and supplies. I checked in my catalogs for charts, posters, signs, guides … nada. I should add in that there were two posters/signs … but I only caught a partial image of one of them so it’s the only example I was able to find. :confused:

Did google searches for the past 4 months on every combination of keywords I could think of … nothing.

Did searches on Rio, Otto, Halstead, and IJS (am awaiting for approval to Stuller) all do not have them in catalogs or sites. Not familiar with GIA, or the Carlsbad Campus, again I am very new, and primarily self taught with classes here and there.

Just was hoping others had them or knew where they came from, as they covered all the various abrasives and polishing wheels/tools from various companies. Seemed to be a nifty tool.


Ah, yes, I could not remember…Pacific! I still have my old assortment kit box!


I have two thoughts about the origin of that poster:

It looks like a couple of pages from a seller’s catalog have been enlarged. Like a catalog that shows the products with identification numbers but no prices. I’ve seen an AdvantEdge layout like your poster, but cannot recall where I saw it.

A flex shaft is what these different manufacturer’s products have in common. Maybe these pages were in an informational booklet supplied by a flex-shaft manufacturer/seller and given to every new owner of their flex-shaft; except this layout repetitively wastes a lot of visual space for that type of informational use.

Considering the amount of time spent searching, you could make your own poster.

I got that chart in the mail from @StullerInc , I think it came with the
"Bench" flyer I use these brands love em!

Ah thank you! And I hadnt thought to search for the keyword “flyer”, thanks!!

@AlyssaKay That chart does look familiar! :smile: I’d be more than happy to email you and anyone else who would like one, a pdf. Drop me a line with your email to

All the best,
Stuller Marketing

Thank you for sending that! Realized that I had not thanked you here on this thread! Sorry!

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Your welcome. I like these bulbs. Vince