Postal Irradiated Andalusite?

I recently sent a pair of andalusite stud earrings to a customer in
WA. It took over 10 days for them to arrive even by priority mail. I
suspect they were held up intentionally. Anyway, the stones were a
brownish green color and showed a distinct red/green pleochroism,
with nice red flashes. When my customer received the stones, the
pleochroism was gone and one of the stones was orange ! I suspect
irradiation of the package. Anyone agree or have other ideas ?

Brian Corll
Vassar Gems
1002 East Simpson Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
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It should be easy to call G.I.A gem lab and ask them if they have
any info on this subject. I have been purchasing gems from overseas,
incuding zircon, sphene, andalusite, rubies, sapphires, garnet and
have not seen evidence of damage that I can tell from radiation.

Richard hart