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Post/ Simple lap machine?

I was wondering if anyone has or knows where to get, a simlple, used
lap machine they could sell me for 50-75$, to use for jamb-peg? No
motor or belt are necessary, doesn’t have to look nice cosmetically,
just run well. Thanks a lot Adam

Adam, Our club, Florida Gold Coast Gem and Mineral Society has an old
’Gem Maker’ machine that is not in use and taking up space. It has
no motor…just the horizontal base and spindle. You could have it
for around $50 and shipping. I will be in the shop today and will
pull it out to get better measurements for you such as shaft size and
stuff. I suspect it would work well for jam-peg. If interested
contact me off-line at @coralnut1. Cheers from Don at The
Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!