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Post Annealing

 how do you not anneal a post when you solder it on an earring

Keep the flame on the larger part of the earring . . . you will
anneal the post a bit at any rate, you need to work harden it again
. . . I use pliers (although I don’t twist, I do squeeze and pull.)

   how do you not anneal a post when you solder it on an earring
...pair of crosslocks with thick tips. Heat up ... bend them both
at a 90 degree
 angle. Use a ball bur to cut a channel ...

Bretts got a great idea here - I’ve used a similar method for
almost 20 years - I prefer an angle of about 50 degrees and
actually have fine results with the standard curved tapered point
xlocks - also consider cutting into EACH side - saw blade works
well here for cutting first notch then seating back of sawblade
into first one for alignment while cutting opposite then grooving
further w/ballbur or tiny Krause. Good control needed here or
you’ll pierce your all important finger(s)!

PS Almost forgot - I remove serrations with file first - just a habit I
picked up

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