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Posing Necklaces for Photography

As a remake of a previous question about photographing rings, what
do you do to make nice shots of necklaces, pendants and other
upper-body jewellery ?

Thanks for your ideas,

I’ve gotten into the habit of pinning my pendants, via their chains,
to the top of my light tent (with a V shaped chain pattern)…then,
with a white background a few inches behind it, I can more easily
remove and replace the plain background with a gradient.



For my set of jury photos last year, I posed necklaces like this

but I have wondered about it being the “best” way photographically.
I thought it looked nice, but maybe I read something somewhere that
said necklaces should not be photographed having ends hanging. I
would be interested in seeing answers to your question as well.

For pendants on chains or neckwires, I have seen many people photo
them hanging in front of a gradient so, in the picture, it looks like
they are suspended in mid-air. I think it looks the best.

Good Luck and I am looking forward to any input from others

Kim Starbard

I love model shots, I have asked many women to model for me and have
never been turned down. Model shots for neckware is the best way to
show as it is being worn as you intended, I like models for bracelets
too but the poses are always very contrived. I pay any one who models
for me in trade for jewelry or $25 an hour, most times I don’t even
use an hour. I use outdoor locations for most of this work so natural
light which is hard to control but worth it. Most of the shots are so
tight that the models face isnt’ even in the final print for

Sam Patania, Tucson

I found that I like to use a nice vase, you can find so many with
different colors and such for low prices and I just see which works
best. My favorite is a cracked glass one that is clear and I will
just stuff different fabrics inside and turn it up side down. Gives a
very interesting look ! Nice thing is that they allow you to quickly
take the necklace off and on when shooting the pic.

Take care