[Portugal] Jewelry Interests

I will soon be travelling to Portugal, staying in a hotel in Sintra,
and I wonder if anyone has on galleries , shops or museums
with an emphasis on original , handcrafted jewelry.

Thanks for any you might have.


Karen, The Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon has the worlds largest and
finest collection of Rene Lalique’s jewelry. Surely some of the
finest art jewelry ever made. Steve Workman

hello, have been a little out of touch with portugal lately, but i
recall the following gallery/place:

Contacto Directo Galeria
R. Marcos Portugal 65
Lisboa	1200	PORTUGAL
phone (once in lisbon) 67.75.95

it may be an old address, but worth checking out.

oakland, california

Hi Karen and Hi to all Orchid people! Great idea to go to Portugal and
much more in Sintra: You will find it really “fabulous” and when you
will be there you understand what I mean… Well, I went to Lisbon
some years ago and Sintra is’nt really far from.It means that you can
reach Lisbon in a very short railway time. If I remember well, there
wasn’t any particular jewelry museum or craft-house in Sintra , but
the time has gone and now, perhaps it is. You will surely find
something interesting in Lisbon, at the Archeology Museum and, goig
up the oldest part of the city,rising with a very particular lift,
builted by Eiffel (the same of the Tour Eiffel in Paris ) you will
find a lot of interesting places and galleries and so on. Have nice
holidays and be happy!

Hi Karen… If you are going to Lisbon, don’t fail to visit the
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. He was the greatest patron and foremost
collector of Lalique’s jewelry. Bon voyage!

Elizabeth …@Goldcsau

Regarding Lisbon –

There are many small museums in Lisbon that are a treat including the
Tile Museum which is a bit out of town, in a convent, and very
beautiful. The tiles are on the walls, integral to the building.
They are centuries old. It’s called the museu Nacional do Azulejo.

The newest museum is the Fado museum, a tribute to Lisbon’s
traditional music. It’s definitely worth a visit because it is such
a wonderful small museum. Even if you have no interest in the
subject, I think you’ll find it fun and it’s right in the Alfama
where you’ll likely be going anyway.

I was just there in September.

There is not much left on the traditional jewelry streets, Rua do
Prato and Rua d’oro (spellings may be a bit off), the names mean
street of silver and street of gold. Thirty years ago they were
lined with shops selling traditional Portuguese filigree.

I recommend very highly the Lisbon travel guide called Eyewitness
Travel guides published by DK Publishing. It’s easy to carry –
small and light and packed with details, maps, and pix.

Ettagale Blauer