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[Portland Maine] [Job Seek] Bench Jeweler

If you are in the Portland Maine area, have from what I’ve heard a
very excellent bench jeweler.

Happy to email you the complete resume.

Here is a snapshot:

10 Years (Journeyman) Bench Jeweler. Silver, Gold, and Platinum-
smith. Advanced stone setting. 7 Years Laser Welder. 3 Years
Pearl/Stone stringing. Manufacturing/Custom fabrication. Proficient
in torch weld sizing and prong tipping (solderless). Specialized wire
work. Rhodium plating. Basic watch and eye glass repair/
reconditioning. Training of apprentices. Inventory/Ordering of
tools/supplies and metals. Bench Jeweler working directly with
customers as well.

Send me an email offline and I’ll forward to you the resume in a
word file.

David Geller