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Portable Torch


Can anyone recommend a good, cheap, portable torch for demo use
at shows?


use the Smith Little Torch with disposable oxy and Propane
tanks. Jurgen Maerz


What about either a prestolite/acetylene or a Little Torch
/propane-oxygen? A “B” acetaline tank isn’t that heavy, and the
oxy/propane tanks aren’t large nor heavy.


Can anyone recommend a good, cheap, portable torch for demo use
at shows?

What are you going to be using it for? I demo enamel bead
making at shows and I use a BernzOmatic TS4000. It’s $36 at Home
Depot. I also have a portable workbench for this purpose,
complete with non-flamable worksurface (ceramic tile) and safety
glass between me and my viewing audience.

Don’t forget to get fire permits. I’ve got that down to a
science now and never have a problem with it. Of course, I’m
using straight propane. I don’t know how difficult it would be if
I were using an oxygen setup. Again, it depends on what you’re
using the torch for.

Pam East

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There is the Blazer and it’s equivalents-under $50.00 U.S.-runs
on cigarrettte lighter butane refills-good for fine soldering
demos. There is also the Flex Fire torch-has a flexible rubber
hose and uses propane disposable tanks and is a good portable
torch(pencil point tip) for carrying around-usually found at an
industrial tool supplier rather than a regular hardware store
under $50.00 still-neither would be hot enough for casting - just
soldering gold and silver and pewter.

   Can anyone recommend a good, cheap, portable torch for demo
use at shows? 

For many years, a Turner Torch was the only torch I had. This
uses propane or MAPP gas. It has a small barrel, and you can
switch tips with regular propane tips from the hardware store. It
has the advantage over regular propane canisters that it does not
"flame out" when held upside down. There are 2 models. I prefer
the one which doesn’t have the hose leading from the back end.
It’s easier to manipulate than the one with the hose attached.


Working in silver . . . I would not waste my money on such
gadgits, they do not get sterling hot enough to solder. I bought
3 torches before discovering that the only one that really works
is the Prestolite . . .and acetelyne. Now, maybe there are other
gasses which work, but I find acetelyne to be inexpensive and it
does the job for what I do.