Portable Soldering Iron

I found an interesting tool for wax model makers. It’s a battery
powered soldering iron. This is a true soldering iron. It works off
of 3 AA batteries. It produces 6 watts. I have used it to mend blue
carving wax. Works very well. It is about 1.4 X 1 X 6 inches. It is
very easy to handle while using it. It takes a few seconds to heat
up. It will burn the wax if left on for more than about 15 seconds.
The tip is a pointed 1/8 inch rod. I imagine the tip could be filed
to form a chisel point is so desired. It cost around $20.

There is also a battery powered soldering iron on the market that
has a graphite tip. This iron only works when the tip touched metal.
It won’t work on wax so be cautious when buying one.

The working soldering iron is a Weller. Model number BP645. I bought
it at Home Depot.

Look forward to seeing many of you at the Orchid Dinner,
Lee Epperson

I haven’t been on Orchid for a while so I don’t know if anyone has
mentioned this recently or not so hopefully I am not wasting anyones
time… Have you seen the butane flameless soldering pencils. Run
about $80 or so and use butane for a fuel. Produce hot air or heat up
a tip. I use the hot air to polish wax and have adapted a tip that
reduces the size of the air flow and directs it. you can control the
air flow and temp with a dial on the handle and with the reduced air
flow you can polish in crevases and at the base of angles without
melting the top surface. It is also good for heat forming or
smoothing of edges…all in all a very usefull tool and very
portable… Frank