Portable Power supply

Hi Everyone

I finally have some pictures of the portable power supply that I
posted a while ago. Due to my old computer dieing, I lost the email
addresses of those who emailed me for the instructions. My new
computer is up and running and I now have some pictures of our
creation. Anyone who received instructions that would also like some
pictures, please email me and I will send them along to you.

BTW we are now adapting the old model to a new trailer for the
outdoor markets we do. The trailer is not quite done yet but should
be by the end of next week. I have been taking pictures of each step
and will have those available the week after for those interested.
This trailer is all self-contained, with regular electrical outlets
and the ability to run off of batteries or hook up to local power
where available. It also enables us to set up much faster as we only
have to raise the roof and fold down the flaps in order to sell.

No more 1-2 hours of setting up tents, table, power and stock, only
to tear down same a few hours later. Great considering that at one
market we start selling at 7:30 am and have a 1 hour drive to our
sale. With 2000-3000 people coming through in 4 hours it is actually
worth it. This market has a reputation locally and apparently around
the world as a very successful Farmers Market with quality handmade
products. It beats sitting in an expensive store for 8hours, dusting,
for only a dozen customers.

the Rocklady @Rocklady
Karen Seidel-Bahr
May your gems always sparkle.

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