Popping problem with Smith Little Torch oxy/acetylene

I’ve had a Smith Little torch for 10+ years, and suddenly, I can’t get it lit, or the flame tip is tiny. The problem started when I tried to use a rosebud torch for the first time. I can get the flame going when I turn the acetylene on, but it immediately pops and goes out when I turn the O2 on. It’s now doing this with my regular tips as well, tips from a 3 to a 6. I’ve tried re-seating the tips, adjusting the PSI, etc. What did I do??? Help!

You may need to replace the hoses. Hoses do not last forever. The larger volume of gas used by the rosebud tip may have caused some kind if internal issue in your aging hoses, which now is monkeying with the gas or O2 pressure. This likely would have happened anyway as the hoses aged, but the increased gas flow to the rosebud may have made it happen earlier.
If you’re near a welding shop they may be able to test the hoses for you, but after 10+ years it’s probably time to replace them anyway.
Just a thought.

Thank you for the advice – that makes sense. I’ve never replaced the hoses, so I’ll give that a shot; fortunately my welding shop is right down the hill!

Check your O2 valve on the body of the torch, probably getting worn and allowing too much oxygen through causing the flame to pop out.

I’ve used a Smiths Little Torch for 30+ years. I always crack the oxy with the acetylene when I light my torch. The only way to prevent those black “floaties”. It takes a little practice to know how much gas/oxy to turn on but you’ll get used to it right away. The “popping” I find is when I have too much oxy open when I’m lighting the torch. It really doesn’t sound like an equipment problem but rather pressure/procedural problem. Do you turn off the tanks each night? Drain the lines? When you drain the lines do both pressure gauges drop to zero and come back up to your set pressure when the tanks are turned back on?
There is a possibility of a pressure gauge sticking and ending up with a higher pressure and not know it. Try tapping the gauges when you turn the tanks back on.
Did you increase the pressure for the rosebud tip? Did you lower it to where you normally run it? Any obvious kinks in your hose?

Thanks for your information! I solved the problem by replacing the hoses for my torch - they were 10+ years old - and the popping stopped for all my tips! Once the problem started, it happened with all of my tips (it started the first time I tried using a rosebud tip).

I’m back in business ness now!