Pop quiz ! Platinum fabricated Mountain range pendant. Its in the US

sleeping giant

Sleeping Giant is on Kauai, Hawaii, near Wailua. Part of it is accessible by trail that climbs the ridge top. It’s in the Nou Nou state forest reserve. Aloha and Mahalo… Mahalo by the way is not commonly used by the locals but is used by the hospitality industry people extensively…

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I made this for my wife its her favorite Mountain range. We got married at the bottom of Waipio valley. We really dig the islands. Ive always wanted to hike the ridge of sleeping Giant. beautiful area!

I’m from Hawaii originally but not Kauai, Honolulu. Honolulu is overpopulated now. Maui is getting populated now but other than Oahu, all of the other islands still have beautiful open spaces. I’ve been to Kauai many times. It’s lush green tropical rainforest, except in agricultural and residential areas. The sleeping giant and the hoary head range are all that is left of the east side of a huge old volcano… everything else has been eroded away. The volcano that built it was over twice it’s current size and the summit towered at ten thousand feet… Waialeale summit and the leeward side of the island are what’s left. The spectacular Napali coast with it’s series of deeply carved valleys shows how quickly the Hawaiian islands weather and erode away. into steep cliffs and knife ridges… Kauai is only 5 million years old, by geologic standards, a blink in the eye… More than half of its gone and it’s slowly sinking back into the ocean… In another million years it will be a small island remnant. But 5 million, and a million years is far longer than a human life time… it will be there for many many more generations to come to enjoy unless it too become overpopulated. I’m happy that you both enjoy the place, enough to make your platinum pendant that has symbolic meaning for both of you. Aloha nui loa, Steve

interesting read you sent thank you very much. Im hungry for poke ! Aloha

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local food is so ONO 'fo break da mouf!! love it too… make your own at home: all you need is ahi tuna which should be available everywhere, sesame oil, chopped green onion, salt and seaweed. the local ogo seaweed is not available outside of the islands but I’ve substituted Hijiki dried Japanese seaweed for that… it’s available in asian stores or online… a little dried seaweed goes a long way… soak it in hot water until it expands fully, only a teaspoon or two is needed…mix well and let sit in the refrigerator overnight… delicious so enjoy…

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