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Pool chemical as pickle

  • Does anyone live in Mexico who can help me with finding which pool
    chemical can be used as a pickle?

My friend has three hot tub/pool chemicals but I cannot tell which
one can be used as a pickle due to them having the ingredients in

So I am hoping someone here lives in Mexico and can tell me the name
of the pickle chemical in Mexico.

Sharron in Mexico


ph decreaser! ph disminuir or disminucion


Sodium bisulfate is the chemical name. I’m not sure if that could be
translated to Mexican language. Just check the label it should
indicate what chemical it is


Here in Spain, it is called Aqua Fuerte, brand is in my view not
important, I use what ever is cheap for the swimming pool and to
pickle after soldering.



Sodium Bisulfate in Spanish is bisulfato de sodio



Regarding pool chemical for pickle. I know exactly what your dealing
with. I too live in Mexico. A lot of things just don’t translate. I
found and am using pool chemical and will be happy to share withyou
exactly what I’m using as soon as we get home. It’s working well, but
I want to check the label on the package rather than just telling
youfrom memory.

Where do you live? Feel free to email me directly

Dick Stromberg


Just try all three on scrap silver…