Polygon Network


I’m considering Polygon to sell colored stones. Are you familiar
with this online organization to buy, sell or maybe just research? As
a seller, is the $125 monthly fee worth it? Would anyone share their

Ed Cleveland

Hi Ed !

Ask the Polygon head-office for a 3 month trial run! They have these
arrangements, you might get alot of “lookers for prices”, but how
many buyers will come forward? In Canada this $125.00 is equal to
about $147.50, as a diamond setter I could never use this large
world-wide membership…You will find that there are many stone
dealers all looking for business, you will be among “many”…give it
a try!!!..Gerry!

What a coincidence!!!

I am planning on the same and will appreciate all the feed back.

I was part of Polygon in its infancy and had lot of trouble
navigating, as well there were groups who would not let you enter.
This is what I feel, to sell colorstones on Poly (based on my
experience then) you have to be quickly part of some group on
polygon. I am sure things must have changed a lot since then.

Don’t you feel the monthly fee to be steep?

Thank in advance to all

Kris Gem