Polsihing Amber on a chain


I work a fair amount with Amber, and it is almost always scratched
when I buy it. I put the bottom of the cab on the tripoli wheel for
just a few seconds before setting it. Then after it’s set, I repeat
the same on the top. When I do the final polishing with rouge, I hit
it again with that compound on the wheel.

If I were thinking of doing your project. I think I would take roll
of fishing line and at a nominal price - remove and trash or do what
ever with the line. Then use the plastic roll to lay the beads, as a
guide, while still on the chain and press it lightly against the wheel
with the ends safely and securely cupped in your hand. You could
do a
few inches at a time, and rotate it to the other side. This should
take all of about five or ten minutes max. Then do the same with
rouge - after cleaning of course. I soak the set pieces in a tap hot
mixture of water ammonia and powdered laundry detergent (I
use Arm and Hammer), and clean lightly with a soft toothbrush to get
the excess compounds out of intricate areas.

Hope that helps,