Polo gem cups

I have a black tray about 8x14-1/2" with a foam insert and some
square acrylic gem jars that say Polo on the bottom. I like these
Polo gem cups because the lid doesn’t come off very easily unlike the
other kind. I bought the tray used and now I want more but I don’t
know where to get them. I’ve spent 2 days searching the internet &
the Tucson show guide & running up my phone bill but to no avail, so
now it’s time to call in the troops. Does anybody out there know
where to get these Polo gem cups (preferably cheap since I need a
lot)? TIA

Carol Whearty

Polo’s website is http://www.polotheboxman.com.

Gerry Galarneau

carol - try ‘fetpak, inc’ at http://www.fetpak.com -

Hi Carol, I do know that Polo is located in Florida. I have ordered
gem boxes from him for the same reason that the lids stay shut
tight.I think the location is Fort Lauderdale. I will look for the
phone number in my office and if I can find it I will let you know.


Polo’s address and phone number

709 South 9th St.
Fort Pierce, FL  34950
(561) 4665138
cellular (561)7084756