Polishing wheels

Years ago my father gave me some heavy 6" diameter, 1" wide, tightly
sewn (possibly treated, but I don’t remember) muslin polishing
wheels. I believe that they were very tightly spiral sewn. They were
great for the first cut down and rough polish step. I haven’t been
able to find more in years. Can anyone suggest a source? Thanks. Rob

Rob Meixner

Rob, the best constructed ones I have found were on ebay and it is
not as tightly sewn as I would like. Tsk - you just can’t get stuff
like you used to anymore.

Hi Bob,

Those sort of size wheels may be listed tho not stocked at a proper
engineers supply house. Thats where Id try first if I were you.

Used by shops that make up and finish s/steel yacht fittings.

Not many metal finishers hereabouts in the UK. Depends where you are
in the us of a.

Ive plenty put by!! not much use to you!!.


I too have polishing wheels that my dad used for many years.
However, I am not going to use them, but wonder if they can be sent
to a refiner or somewhere to extract the gold or platinum from them.
Does anyone know if this is possible and if so, where would I send

Mary Young

Mary- Your usual refiner can do that. We send in our bench sweeps a
few times a year. For things like buffs, emery paper, floor sweeps
and sink goo we usually send that in once every two years. It takes
more of those things to make it worth the refiner’s trouble of
burning up all that organic material. We even refined the foam pad
and upholstery of a chair once. We got $1400.00 for it! Have fun and
make lots of jewelry

Jo Haemer