Polishing wax

Ok to all of you that have asked this is my method for
polishing waxes.

  1. first polish your tools. the surface texture of the tool is
    going to be transfered to the wax if the tool has a rought
    surface the wax will have a rough surface. polish the metal on
    your tool to a 4/0 or 5/0 emery polish. then take a post-it
    ,stick it to a polished bench block and crumble some white rouge
    on the post it. now strop the tool across the post it till you
    get a nice high polish.

  2. i finish all my waxes with 600 grit or 4/0 emery that is
    moistened with wax clean or mineral spirits. keeps the wax from
    loading on the paper and fills the low spots. i then use a piece
    of fine silk also wet with mineral spirits or wax clean. and
    polish till it is glossy. this is great for geometric designs.

  3. for organic designs with rounded surface and fine detail i use
    a master wax tool with an ultra fine wire in the tool tip. Hair
    fine. if you can’t find nicrome you can use plat. though it is
    more expensive it also lasts longer. the wire has to be red hot
    and you pass it carefully over the surface of the wax without
    touching it. just glazing the surface of the wax to a high
    polish. tricky but works. i also use a micro torch for larger
    surfaces. it tends to round the surface on flat areas.

  4. last and least i sometimes use a soft camel hair brush with
    wax clean or mineral spirits. this helps to clean of residue dust
    and loose wax. i also lightly steam my carvings during the
    carving to remove the dust and loose wax. care should be taken
    not to overheat the wax.

hope this helps all if more questions or clarification post to
orchid and i will help if i can and i’m sure others have
suggestions as well… luck to all and remember wax dust is dust
and should be controlled same as any other. Frank

try lighter fluid…will take some detail off if you’re not
careful! Tammi, TanZyr