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Polishing stainless steel in a tumbler

Hi, folks. Does anyone know if you can polish stainless steel to a
brilliant mirror-like finish with a tumbler? I’m tired of spending
hours polishing stainless steel by hand and was wondering if there
was a way to do it with a tumbler or some other automated machine.

you can’t really get a mirror-like finish in any metal in barrel
polisher. the finish tends to be shiny but very slightly pitted. the
problem you’re going to have with barrelling steel is the work is
going to be fairly hard. considering the barrelling media is
s.steel, i don’t think you’ll make much progress. now, if you could
get some ball bearings or other media made from tungsten carbide then
you could be in business.


I’m afraid you won’t get anything to a mirror finish with a tumbler.
I use this as the final polish with stainless steel

Platinum Final Polish, Yellow Bar

And it works a dream

In Brighton