Polishing rig

I offered to send my directions for the polisher out w/o
thinking that they are based on a diagram. I drew this up for
the students I teach at a small local shop. The directions would
be very hard to follow without the drawing, because they include
a fan, hood and vacuum attachment. I will be glad to snail mail
a copy if you include your snail mail address, that is, just as
soon as I find them. Finished my last show this week and now
the priority is cleaning the studio, I can’t find ANYTHING in
there right now. Should be finished re-organizing this week and
can mail them out then.



Hi Nancy, I will also respond off-list as I don’t think everyone
is interested in my snail address. I’ve just built a polisher but
I’m not too pleased with the result. I would be interested at
peeking toward your findings…

About the drawing, is there anyone in your neighbourhood with a
scanner?? If you mail the drawing to me and I can scan it for you
(and others).

I would think that the people running the orchid server might be
prepared to host the scanned image in a library with descriptions
of “home made” equipment

Best Regards
Lars Dahlberg


I meant to inquire, also, why you are not pleased with your polisher?




I love the idea of a library of home made equipment. I’d like
to see the plans for a home made kiln. Could this be a new
thread? I’ve only been on the net for a month and maybe I’ve
missed previous discussions.

If I can find a scanner, what is the next step? I know nothing
about scanners, just that they are out there and cost too much
for me. I will mail you a copy of my plan when I find it this
week - unless I can find a scanner here which might produces
faster results.



I’d love to see more on home made equipment also. Ron

To the Forum: I’m kinda new at this forum,so I don’t exactly know
how we would submit drawings and discriptions of “home made
equipment” or Jiggs that we have made for specific tasks.Maybe if
we don’t have scanners we could send them to orchid? I have over
the years made many tools(I guess it’s the watchmaker in me)and
it would be nice to have a listing of tools that one could go to
and find directions how to make.I am interested in the

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA


Steam casters, dichroscope, polariscope, RI by caliper method,
setting pliers, polisher (buffer), jeweler’s bench, punches,
drill bits (Charles L-B, you do this), plater, hammers, vacuum
pump, cabbing machines, horizontal lap — maybe something else
— I can post them all, but please give me a couple of weeks.