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Polishing raw quartz with a dremel


I have a lot of raw quartz I want to polish. I have a dremel. How can
I do it? Thanks…

Aviva Sieradski


Aviva, Unfortunately polishing quartz as you described it with a
Dremel will just not work. If you had a piece of quartz with a small
blemish, you might be able to repair it with a Dremel (or other
flexshaft machine) but certainly not ‘a lot of raw quartz’. Such work
requires a lapidary machine with grinding, sanding and polishing
wheels/pads. Otherwise, if you are not trying to attain a specific
shape, you might consider tumbling them.

For such lapidary machines try Graves Co at

Cheers from Don in SOFL.


With something bigger than the Dremel… unless you want to take
forever to do it…

John Dach

I have a lot of raw quartz I want to polish. I have a dremel. How
can I do it? Thanks.... 

I can’t imagine polishing any quantity of quartz with a Dremel.
While quartz can be polished with diamond and oil, the better way is
water and cerium oxide.

I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to do, but you might be
better off using a hard polishing pad with oxide slurry, by hand.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ



As a faceter and cabber I would use Cerium Oxide in a water slurry.
I would mix both to the consistency of skim milk, keep the piece wet
with that mixture and as a carrier I would use anything from a piece
of leather to a tin lap. Of course you would have to adapt this
method to your Dremel, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Of course I would have gone through pre-polishing steps first. You
can’t go from “course” to polish without some effort in between. Many
faceters would go from shaping with something equal to 600 grit right
to the polish, that’s what I’d do too. I’m sure there are other ways
to skin this cat, this is just one.