Polishing Quaratz with Dremel

Aviva, you seem possibly to be an enthuastic newcomer to the world
of gem fashinoning. I can certainly appreciate your wish to see your
quartz pieces polished. My suggestion is this: Go on line and begin
reading up on gem polishing, and it’s various methods. Also, read up
on the material you have, Quartz. There is much to be said as to
whether or not it is goinng to be worth your time and effort. The
shape of your material can often dictate as to whether or not you
might hand work it with loose grit and a flat plate of some sort. I
have “hand faceted” pieces on glass with loose grit. It’s long,
tiresone project unless you are having to sit through some boring
event where the “shush, shush” of the action doesn’t disturb anyone
nearby.(or watching TV)

At any rate, don’t give on your material. It will always be an
exciting stimulus to your imagination as an ornamental materiel.

I once made a very primitive pendant by gluing rough chips and
chunks on a backing and stringing my great piece of art work around
my neck. I was very proud, I am a GIA alumnia, now. One has to start

Good Luck, Joyce