Polishing problems

Gary and all: sorry but this isn’t right. I’ve tried using very
little compound and all varieites inbetween. I do clean my buffs
and one of the best damn tips I ever got here on Orchid was to
use real coardse carbide or sand paper, cleans the buff real fast
and leaves no sandpaper residue , works like a champ. Some of
these pieces are somewhat porous casts and it might explain some
of that. The real annoying part of this is that this only happens
with Zam or any of the rouges on a soft buff. On a yellow
stitched buff I don’t have this problem with tripoli or coarser
compounds. I tried the tip of using a little mineral spirits or
kerosene on the buff and it started to help but then didn’t much
in the end. I don’t seem to have this problem using small buffs
on my Foredom, so I am still stumped. DAve

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