Polishing pin problems

Hi Folks! I have a problem with the flex-shaft polishing pin kit from
Rio (p.393 in 2004 catalogue) and was wondering if maybe I have a
defective one. I find that the collet doesn’t close tightly on the
pin (2mm) no matter how tightly I close it. You can see the slits of
the 3 teeth aren’t touching. It feels secure when I close it, but it
usually spins right out of the collet as soon as you touch it to the
work. I wanted to cut the slits down lower to put in more
flexibility so the screw part of the collet would screw further down
and fully close it, but obviously a saw can’t get in there because
there are only 3 slits. If other folks are using this potentially
useful tool without this problem, perhaps I just got a lemon…?

Janet in Jerusalem

Dear Janet, I have personally inspected the 2mm Polishing Pin’s and
mandrel’s in our inventory and can’t find anything wrong with them.
Can you please tell me when you purchased them from Rio Grande? Once
I have that info I’d be glad to have them replaced at no charge.

Best wishes,
Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support

Hello Janet, I use the 2mm diameter flex-shaft polishing pins from
Rio (p.393 in the 2004 Tools and Equipment catalogue) for finishing
hard-to-access tiny spaces. I have a mandrel for each abrasive grade
so that I don’t have to fiddle with changing pins. The pins may be
easily shaped by running the tips against abrasive paper. I
especially like them for polishing chasing tools or the depressions
of beading tools.

The only time I’ve had trouble with the mandrel’s collet not holding
the pins in has been when more than about 5mm of the polishing pin
protrudes from the collet after it has been tightened down. Unless
you’ve been leaving too much of the polishing pin exposed, you may
have gotten a defective collet/mandrel with your kit. If you did have
the bad luck to receive a “lemon” collet with your kit, I have found
Rio Grande to be very good about refunds or replacements.

Best Wishes,
Anne M. Kelly

Janet, I have both a Foredom (Brand) tool and what appeared to be the
same tool that I purchased from Sears. I discovered that the Sears
brand Foredom tool required slightly smaller diameter bits than the
Foredom brand (they want to sell you their own bits!).

What I did was to create a shim, using folded aluminum foil, to wrap
around the pin, so that I could create enough tension on the pin to
keep it from slipping after I tightened the collet. Not perfect,
but inexpensive and easy to replace.

Hope this helps.
Mark Fant