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Polishing pewter

Hello, I am new to this list and I have a question. I have just
started casting in pewter and I was wondering if anyone would know
the best way of polishing pieces after they are cast. These are small
pendant type pieces. Can these be tumbled? If so, what type of media
do you use to bring out a good polish? Some of my pieces came out
with kind of a matte finish or had a look of frost on a windowpane.

Thanks in advance
D & B Design

I have buffed pewter on a buffer like any other nonferrous metal.
It’s been years but I don’t recall any problems.

Marilyn Smith

Hi Steve, You can polish pewter by traditional buffing methods and
also by using vibrating tumblers. I don’t know too much about it
doing it, but our new Orchid sponsor Contenti
carries all kinds of equipment to work with white metal/pewter,
including tumbling media, and should be able to help you with any