Polishing Pewter Castings with a Vibratory Tumbler

Greetings all, I cast a variety of small objects such as buckles,
buttons, and badges in lead free “pewter.” Typically I’ve polished
them using white rouge on a polishing wheel, but thats annoying when
I have many to polish so I have just purchased a vibratory tumbler

My problem is figuring out what polishing media to use, so I’m
hoping someone on this list can help me with advice.

The salesman at the shop were I bought the vibratory tumbler told me
corn cob would work - but this has not proven true. The cob had
little noticable effect - even over night. Then I tried adding in
some “brass polish” they sell for use with corn cob to polish shell
casings. Leaving this over night resulted in a little more
brightness - but still no real shine.

A friend told me he has had success using stainless steel shot, but
he has not tried anything between that and cob. Unfortunately the SS
shot is not cheap so before I go that route I was hoping someone
here might be able to tell me if there are other cheaper
alternatives that might work.

Fernandi Vigil

Fernandi, I use a crushed walnut shell - rouge media to polish my
handgun brass in my vibratory tumbler. When the media is new, I can
usually clean up a couple hundred shells in about 1/2 hour to 45
minutes. This is a typical ammo ploishing media available for about
$7 a gallon (a few pounds) and that lasts me teens of thousands of
rounds (shells). Any gun store should carry it. Tom

Fernandi: I have used plastic media followed by wooden pegs with
polishing compound. I am now experimenting with plastic media
followed by ceramic media. You have to have something to cut down the
castings first, then something to polish. It sounds to me like you
are use only polishing media.

Ken Gastineau