Polishing media for gyrock tumbler

Hi, I’m a new member to the Orchid Forum and have a question
regarding polishing with a Gyrock Tumbler. I have had a great deal
of success with the tumbler using mixed steel shot, especially
burnishing chains and pieces with hard to get at corners. The only
drawback is that the final surface (particularly on flat surfaces)
is not a high polish and needs further work buffing with mops and
jeweller’s rouge (very time-consuming and labour intensive). Also,
some of the surfaces of the-hard-to-get-at-corners are not as
polished as I would like them to be!

I am aware that there are other compounds and materials that can be
used that give pieces a high finished polish but I have as yet been
able to get clear advice on what to use with this particular tumbler.

Can anyone help?

Milton Long
Contemporary Studio Jeweller
Melbourne, Australia